circumcision & non-aggression principle

Circumcision & the Non-Aggression Principle

If you can be honest enough with yourself to look at circumcision objectively, you’ll realize that a permanent removal and alteration of a body part without a person’s consent constitutes aggression. It should be clear to anyone with half a brain that an infant cannot consent to the removal of his foreskin.

Are You Really Free? The Food Edition

Originally posted on LibertyBug:
This is a series of articles (sourced from around the web) that aim to show the extension of the State and its power over you. Ebola? Sure, bring it on over….Cheese? Get that dangerous substance out of here!  The FDA has banned the sale or import of seven different cheeses –…

lew rockwell against the state

“Can Anarcho-Capitalism Work?” by Lew Rockwell

I subscribe to the Mises Daily (you should, too), and I finally got around to reading this article from Lew Rockwell back in November 2014. I’m glad I saved it in my inbox, because it was well worth the 20 minutes to read.  If you feel like you don’t have a good grasp on the…