The Peaceful Podcast, Ep 5: Dave Nierenberg F-15E Pilot

In this episode, Jessica interviews Dave Nierenberg, a former F-15E fighter pilot who conscientiously objected to further military service on a secular (not religious) basis. Dave was in the same squadron as Justin Pavoni (the other host on this show), and all three of them were deployed together in 2009 to Afghanistan.

Ep 5- Dave Nierenberg, F-15E pilotDavid separated from the US Air Force as a conscientious objector in the fall of 2012. In his continuing purpose to promote peace, he now volunteers as a board member at a Boston, MA based non-profit called Bikes Not Bombs, which uses the bicycle as a vehicle for social change. Bikes Not Bombs international programs send reclaimed bicycles to developing nations to create permanent bicycle infrastructure.  For more information, please visit

(You might have noticed we jumped from Episode 1 to Episode 5…this was not an oversight! We just wanted to keep the episodes consistent with what is already on iTunes.)

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