Libertarianism Is Not “Socially Liberal, Fiscally Conservative”

I’ve made the mistake of saying “socially liberal, fiscally conservative” in the past…before I understood what libertarian really means.

The Anarchist Notebook

I clearly remember the first time I ever met a self-described “libertarian.” I was a sophomore in high school (don’t ask me how long ago, or not, it was). I was discussing politics with someone before sports practice and one of them said he was a libertarian. I asked what that was.

He said: We’re essentially fiscally conservative Democrats.

That was my impression of libertarianism for almost a decade.

It was also totally false. The person who said that had no idea what libertarianism was or wasn’t.

One of the most frustrating things about being a libertarian isn’t that people don’t like what we believe; it’s that they don’t even know, or correctly understand, what we actually believe. Their perception is based on fakes, charlatans, imposters, and shysters, or the plain ignorant who think using drugs makes you a libertarian.

One of the worst ways to describe…

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