It Doesn’t Take ‘Guts’ to Sleep-Train an 8-Week Old

Alright – so this post doesn’t have much to do with foreign policy, domestic abuses, or even non-aggression, but I thought it was a wonderful perspective in response to a horrid policy of ‘sleep-training’ babies.

Dr. Michael Cohen of Tribeca Pediatrics told a mother to leave her 8-week old unattended for 12 hours each night, and not to touch, feed, or change her until the morning, regardless of what cries were coming from the bedroom. As anyone who has ever had an infant (or an elderly parent in need of care) will know, people have physiological needs at night, too. What Dr. Cohen is advocating is medically-sanctioned neglect and abuse. Yes, it is difficult to wake up often with a young child (or anyone for that matter). My kid is sixteen MONTHS and just started sleeping through the night…that was a long push! But let’s treat people consistently at least – would you leave your sick father to lie in his feces at night? Or would you force your spouse to sleep in another room, by him/herself, void of any reassuring human contact in the middle of the night? If you had a stomach the size of an egg, would you go on hunger strikes at night even though you were starving?

Amy Wright Glenn from the PhillyVoice has a wonderful response to this sort of nonsense. Check out her article here.

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