Using NAP to Parent a Strong-Willed Child

I’ve not heard of Dr Markham before, but this article about parenting ‘strong-willed children’ was excellent. Dr Markham never uses the term non-aggression (perhaps she hasn’t even heard of this philosophy), but its principle is woven throughout. It’s a little long, but the background info is excellent, and she has actionable techniques at the end.

Things I think she got wrong: these tips don’t just apply to strong-willed children. I’m not even sure that a distinction needs to be made between ‘strong-willed’ children and ‘other’ types of children…the idea that a child desires autonomy and independence should be obvious to all.

So here’s the link: Dr Markham’s article on parenting a strong-willed child. 

Here’s another great article about parenting – specifically how conventional ideas about discipline are ruining your influence with your child.

One thought on “Using NAP to Parent a Strong-Willed Child

  1. Great find! I will be sharing this article over and over again. I enjoy the idea that you don’t have to break a child down to build them up, seems fairly simple and obvious but for some of us myself included it’s difficult to apply. Ive learned a lot in the last four years and anything that will improve my ability to be the best parent to my children possible, I will take the time to educate myself on. Thanks again for posting!


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