Are You Really Free? Driving Edition

This is a series of articles (sourced from around the web) that aim to show the extension of the State and its power over you.

Traffic Stops + Cash = Civil Forfeiture

Click this link to read about routine traffic stops turning into legalized highway robbery. You’ll be amazed at how much revenue is brought in simply by virtue of cops confiscating cash, and you’ll be saddened to read the stories of two different people whose life savings were unjustifiably stolen. Moral of the Story: If carrying cash (the product of your labor) in your car makes you a criminal, you might not actually be free.

“Border” Checkpoints…not good for your freedom.

Did you know that border patrol agents can set up a checkpoint within 100 miles of an international border? The ACLU estimates that almost 2/3 of America’s citizens live in this buffer zone, and are thus subject to searches and seizures at random. Greg Rosenberg, a naturalized citizen from Armenia, tells the story of the 19 days he spent in jail as a result of exercising his right to not answer questions from a border patrol agent. Of note, he suspects he was initially stopped because of his accent and looks, but detained because of his libertarian and rights-based beliefs. Moral of the Story: You’re not really free if you have to ‘show your papers’ to travel within your home country.

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