“You Should Thank Bullies, They Keep the Playground Safe and Free”

Just came across this blog today – haven’t read anything but this article, but I’m pretty pumped about it already!



A good demonstration of the attitude people have towards government. People are bad, so we need a government made of people. (I took that last line from a business card for ancapfaq.com. It reads in a circle, so when you get back to “people”, it continues on to say “are bad so we need a government made of people are bad”…. etc.)

So the first frame, “move to another bully’s playground”. I hear people say this all the time, “you have a choice, move to another country”. Yea, and shop-keeps can move to a neighborhood controlled by a rival mafia family. And slaves can just move to another plantation, with different masters. There is nowhere to go, and that is why we fight so hard for America, because it started pretty libertarian, pretty free market. If there was an anarcho-capitalist society just over the border, you could say “move…

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