Are You Really Free?

This is a series of articles (sourced from around the web) that show the true nature of the state and its attempts to control you.

DHS stopping, searching, & detaining pilots with zero suspicion 

From the article: “Although each report is different, dogs have sometimes been used, and in some cases pilots have been confronted by officers with their weapons drawn. In other instances, aircraft access panels have been removed; and pilots and passengers have been separated, questioned, and detained for as long as three hours. Every one of these flights was conducted entirely within U.S. borders. In no case did the stops reveal evidence of illegal activity, and none of the pilots was charged with any crime.

Quick take: Your Fourth Amendment right (to be secure in your person and property) does not apply in the post-9/11 world.

If you tell the government that it can assassinate American citizens, you get to be a judge

From the article: “Facing pressure earlier this month, the White House let senators read at least one uncensored Barron memo from 2010 providing a constitutional rationale for using deadly force in counterterrorism operations against Americans not on a field of combat.”

Quick take: Thank you, wise administration, for electing to publicly share a redacted version of a secret document regarding how you secretly vet human beings on a secret kill list.

Woman living sustainably & off the grid is Public Enemy #1 in Cape Coral, FL

From the article: “Magistrate Harold S. Eskin said Speronis was not guilty of violating any codes by not using electrical or sewer systems. He ruled, however, she “was required under the codes to hook up to the city’s water system. His ruling came even though he admitted the code “might be obsolete” and that “reasonableness and code requirements don’t always go hand-in-hand.”

Quick take: Property rights are dying a slow death by a thousand paper cuts.

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